Play Productions
The following plays have been written and edited for optimal stage performance. Every aspect of production and stagecraft has been detailed. Our individual play packages include the script of the play, a technical script with music and sound effects marked, story summary, character descriptions of each principal role, set and property list, costume directory, a "how-to-stage" on a low budget guideline, advertising and publicity hints. The package also contains separate files of accompanying music and sound effects (in cue order).

We have also included public domain art that can be used without copyright permission for publicity and program booklet publications.

The music for each production has been originally composed for our scripts. All the scores are classical.

All sound effects recorded are authentic and not synthesized by digital computer.

All plays and recital packages of scenes are royalty free.

The Secret Garden
Saint Bernadette
Anne of Green Gables
Little Women
Anne of Avonlea
A Midsummer Night's Dream
The Three Musketeers
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