An original abridged adaptation by

Family Playhouse

Based on the novel by

Alexandre Dumas

Original music by

Dean Anderson

"Man surrenders himself completely only to sentiments which impassion and charm him, which move and elevate him, recalling the feeling of his own worth and dignity - of what he feels highest in himself; and it is the mission of the writer to awaken and encourage these aspirations...

In the mirror presented to him by poets and dramatists, man does not care to see himself depicted as he really is but seeks another self, a self whom he believes himself to be, and whom he never despairs of becoming. He knows, too, that though goodness and excellence are rare, they are nevertheless real. Whenever his mind and heart are appealed to, he requires a hope, a consolation, a support, and an ideal...

Time has ratified an infallible fact: it is the nobler way that enthralls the common man and woman for behind it lurks conscience with aspirations and demands which can no more be arrested than the beating of our heart...

This is the reason why wholesome, jovial, witty, upright, loyal, daring, and generous heroes, ever ready to sacrifice their lives to a noble cause or high sentiment, will forever remain admired and beloved by those who have the privilege to meet them in the pages of yesterday...Though they be gone from the place and time that knew them, they will still and always be with us, ever with us, ever within us."

- Alexandre Dumas

"We are sworn, once and forever as Musketeers, to devotedness against all proof. Fidelis et Fortis is our motto, d'Artagnan. Faithful and Strong. It is the way of honor of a true nobleman."

- Captain de Treville, Captain of the King's Musketeers


The time is 1625 - an age of high adventure, romance and brave deeds. The place is Paris - a city where every young man must learn to keep his head out of politics, his hand out of dueling, and his heart out of love.

Our story, set during the reign of Louis the Thirteenth and Cardinal Richelieu, tells the true tale of Charles de Batz d'Artagnan, a brave young nobleman who leaves his country estate at the age of nineteen to join the King's Musketeers. His swashbuckling soul, animated by honor, loyalty and shrewd intelligence, courts perilous adventures and romantic intrigues. Through them all, and with his valiant companions in arms, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, he outsmarts evil and pierces to the heart of goodness.

A Storyboard
"On his first day in Paris, d'Artagnan introduces himself to the Captain of the Musketeers, Monsieur de Treville, and applies to be a cadet. Within an hour, he manages to get into arguments with three of the most famous of the Musketeers, Aramis, Athos and Porthos. Always ready to fight on all occasions, d'Artagnan challenges each of them to a duel. Our story opens in the setting of the Carmelite monastery - the appointed place of rendezvous."
"Pardieu, but monsieur has a wound. I have a miraculous balsam that my mother gave me. In three days it will cure you. Then you may kill me in the best of health. Allow me to do you this honor, monsieur." "Such admirable courtesy! I foresee plainly that if we don't kill each other, I shall find much pleasure in your conversation."
"If you lived in Paris, monsieur, you would know that we three are always together, and are called in the Musketeers, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, or the three inseparables." "Ah, but what does this mean? This is the gentleman I am going to fight." "Ma foi! And I also. Have you challenged every Musketeer in Paris?"
"Anyone who has the audacity to challenge the three of us within an hour is either a fool or a champion. En guard, monsieur!" "The Cardinal's Guards! Sheathe swords!" "Hola! Musketeers! And fighting here, are you? And the edicts? You're under arrest."
"You realize to fight them is to make at once an enemy of the Cardinal?" "Try me, monsieur. If I do not yet wear the uniform, I am one of you in spirit. My heart is that of a Musketeer. I feel it." "Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and d'Artagnan, forward to the fight! All for one and one for all!"
"Fight, fight, fight for the Musketeers, the Musketeers...We're all for one and one for all and all for one..."
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