An original adaptation by

Family Playhouse

Based on the novel by

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Original music by

Dean Anderson

Flowers spring to blossom where she walks
The careful ways of duty,
Our hard, stiff lines of life with her
Are flowing curves of beauty.



The time is 1908. The place is Avonlea on Prince Edward Island, Canada. The humorous and heartwarming adventures of Anne Shirley continue as the irrepressible, high spirited redhead begins her career as Avonlea schoolma'am. As an independent young woman with high hopes and ideals, Anne gains new insights about love, friendship, and the ways of the world.

When Marilla adopts six-year old twins Davy and Dora Keith, mischief has a new meaning in the Cuthbert house. Anne's friendship with her bosom friend, Diana Barry, takes on change and maturity when Diana becomes engaged. And Anne's romantic heart blossoms when she plays matchmaker for sweet Miss Lavender and her long-lost love.

The page of girlhood turns in Anne's relationship with Gilbert Blythe as she begins to understand the charm, the pain and the mystery of womanhood.

A Storyboard
"A winter and spring had passed since our dear Matthew's death. I could still hear his voice saying, "My girl - my girl that I'm proud of." Though I had graduated from Queen's with a College scholarship, I could not leave Marilla alone at Green Gables and so applied to teach at Avonlea in the Fall. My horizons had closed in; but if the path set before me was to be narrow, I knew that flowers of quiet happiness would bloom along it...And nothing could rob me of my birthbright of dreams."
"I was imagining the destinies of my students - a college president perhaps or a Canadian premier...." "It must have been very trying for Mr. Harrison to find a cow in his oats so I shall not cherish any hard feelings against him." "I don't know what Avonlea is coming to with so many strange people rushing into it. It'll soon not be safe to go to sleep in our beds."
"Avonlea school won't be worse for a little new blood." "You can never tell about those Yankees. They might be good people, of course; but you're on the safe side in doubting it." "Diana, look! in Mr. Harrison's oats - a Jersey cow! And after giving him my word of honor I'd never let it happen again!"
"Anne, come back, or you'll be soaked to the skin in that wet grain." "Hello, Anne of Green Pastures..." "You're going to teach children who don't know you. I have to teach my old schoolmates."
"When I went to school the master whipped us regular because he said if we wasn't in mischief just then, we was plotting it." "There will never be a switch in my school, Mrs. Lynde. I shall govern by affection. I shall try to earn my pupil's love and then they will want to do what I tell them."
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