Family Playhouse Academy of Drama is an acting school based on traditional family values and the ideals our nation was founded upon: love of God, country, duty, family and church. Our goal is dramatic excellence. Our purpose is the promotion of the best and finest literature in dramatic adaptation.

We offer a rich variety of drama materials for sale including a complete teaching curriculum for homeschool enrichment programs and community theater groups. Our beautifully packaged plays and scene collections with their original classical music scores, promote literacy, truth and moral beauty.

The stage is not a common place for the expression of common experience or politically correct agendas. It is an uncommon place where " angels in costume " can inspire and uplift people's hearts. This is the Magic of theater!

" Life for each of us can be an art.... And so " Have faith in your star " and follow your dream, not for any thought of fame or fortune, but simply because, as an actor, you can be a great and powerful influence for good. So much of what we see on the stage today is hopeless and despairing. Producers should have more courage. People will respond to stories with beauty, romance and idealism and happy endings instead of shockers. Films should speak to the best in us - of hope, courage, persistence in adversity, and generosity in triumph...I think the mirror should be tilted slightly upward when it's reflecting life - toward the cheerful, the tender, the compassionate, the brave, the funny, the encouraging - and not tilted down to the troubled vistas of conflict... "

- Greer Garson, stage and screen actress and 1941 Academy Award winner for Best Actress

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Who is the real author of the Shakespeare Plays?

A factually intriguing story of how and why England's most famous statesman and philosopher hid behind a false identity now known as William Shakespeare to protect his plays and his very life.


Our 568-page drama curriculum, Acting Magic: The Complete Guide to the Art of Acting. Please click on the picture link to find out more.