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Our Purpose

To train young artists in professional acting technique; to perfect the student's ability to create a character role with genuine emotion and portray it with the discipline and joy of excellence.

To stage productions that promote beauty, literacy and the love of virtue.

To make available for homeschoolers, dramatic clubs, community and regional theater groups, fully packaged teaching curriculum, plays and recital programs.

To re-publish out-of-print classic children's stories and historical romances.

Why a Family Playhouse?

Our theater program is based on traditional family values of faith, integrity, loyalty, truth, courage, and self-sacrifice.

Performance material is quarried from well known turn-of-the century children's classics and historical literature. Our actors bring to life authentic heroes and heroines with old fashioned innocence, romance, adventure, righteousness and honor. Musical selections for our recital programs are drawn from the nostalgic past or tried and true Broadway favorites. All our full stage productions are original adaptations scored with original classical music. Shakespeare, unedited and traditionally staged, is incorporated in the study programs for all ages, but showcased in public performance for the three to twelve year olds who compose our celebrated Littlest Players.

Parents and community members are encouraged to participate in productions. Adults provide an emotional and spiritual stabilizing support for the children and contribute a unity and wholeness to the theater experience.

The Arts should be an expression of the noblest and purest of human sentiments; and a tribute to lives beautifully lived and fully given. For only by promoting the enduring virtues of the human spirit, can we glorify God.

Theater is magic...and that magic is the God-given beauty that He places in our hearts and minds. The goal of the Artist is to find that beauty within and share it with his audience through his artistry, touching the beauty in their hearts and leaving his indelible forget-me-not in their lives. This is our hope and aspiration.

What Others Say About Family Playhouse...
"Three years ago I was a frustrated thespian but a happy doctor...Now, because of you, I'm a frustrated doctor but a happy actor! Thanks for making magic happen!"

- Dr. Chris Dombrowski, Physician

"Merci pour tout, Deslie. For a Frenchman to play a Frenchman was a proud time but for you to believe that I could do the job even though I had never performed before, was an even finer gift. You were so confident in my ability and because I trusted your heart 100% it was a wonderful experience for me, one I shall never forget."

- Patrick Bal, Airline Captain

"We enrolled our daughter in drama classes in the hope of drawing her out of a severe depression. At first she sat mutely and watched. In time, under Deslie's tutelage, she found camaraderie and respect. Three years later, we had a beautiful, confident, happy 16 year-old ready to take on Broadway!"

- Gaye Elwin, mother and home craftsman

"I sometimes feel as though I'm the only one who thinks the way I do about children. In meeting you and witnessing your hard and dedicated work for our children, He gave me a little window. How special to have known you!"

- Jane Rittenhouse, Missionary and Homeschooler

"I'm so glad we did the sequel to 'Anne.' I learned a lot about subtext, intuition, and giving to the audience. I was so rewarded by how sweet and grateful the audience was, and how encouraging you were to me. Thank you a thousand times over."

-Anna Barshinger, student

"Words cannot describe what you have done for me. You instilled confidence in my meager ability. I thank you for the constant inspiration, joy and love you give to me."

- Michael Hartendorp, College Junior

"Deslie invited us to act in a production with our 13 year-old. We refused at first but after being 'hounded' for weeks and assured that we wouldn't make fools of ourselves, we finally agreed. The experience of doing the play together as a family was the best thing that could have happened to our marriage and brought us closer to our daughter. Next play, we didn't wait to be asked!"

- Neil and Lyn Harty

"Thank you for the wonderful years of drama for our daughter. She has blossomed and matured beautifully from it. We are so thankful to God for bringing you to us. Truly with your departure, we are losing one of our 'precious gems'. There will never be another like you."

- Terri Voss, Nurse Practitioner

"Dearest Mrs. McClellan,

Thank you for teaching me all I know. My life is changed because of you and my experience in drama. I love you so!"

- Elisa Pangilinan, College Sophomore

"Though we were a major sponsor for your production of The Secret Garden, I attended opening night with my corporate staff reluctantly, expecting a 'kid's play.' You stunningly proved me wrong. Congratulations on such an outstanding production. The performance was extremely professional...high caliber talent and superb entertainment."

- Manfred H. Pieper, Pacific Regional Manager, Hilton Hotels

"On behalf of the Department of the Air Force and Navy please accept our warmest thanks for your contribution to our Youth Leadership Training. This year's program was extra special because of your involvement. The responses we received from the teens were very positive and strongly appreciative. Your session on Drama made our conference a great success."

- Jacqie Thomas, Family Programs, USAF

"Mrs. McClellan has a burning ambition to make her theater experience a showcase for excellence, and to pass on her obvious love for the theater to all she teaches. Her commitment to promoting local talent, her professionalism, the joy she generates with the children and, above all, her Christian outlook evident in all she promotes, brings out the best in everyone associated with her."

- David Elwin, General Manager - Bettaform Ltd

"Your transparency and fresh outlook on everything has deeply enriched my life. Watching you draw children and adults out from 'hidden places' in their lives has been a joy to behold. Your work in theater is awesome and inspiring. I find you a constant wonder, moldable and workable in the Master's Hands. Your untiring energy and never ending encouragements has left a special place in our hearts. Thank you for touching my childrens' lives with your 'magic'."

- Melanie Owens, Mother of Four and Homeschooler

"Mrs. McClellan: I had heard of the success you had with The Secret Garden. I salute you for the vital work you're doing with the children's theater...My gratitude for your kindness and best wishes to you in whatever you do."

- Charlton Heston

The pictures you have viewed were all taken from live performances of our students in Family Playhouse productions. If you would like to see more glimpses of our repertory cast in other shows, please click on the link below, Family Playhouse Productions or visit our Drama Materials for Sale page.

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