"Amy dear, if you know where Jo's journal is, please tell her." "You wicked, wicked girl! I'll never forgive you as long as I live!" "No one will love me ever again."
"Oh, Beth, if Amy should die, it would be my fault. I knew the ice wasn't safe but I was so angry about the journal, but when she did fall through and I heard her cry..." "A Grecian nose. It's very handsome, don't you think?" "You'll never get an aristocratic nose by pinching it to death."
"Oh Jo, I'm so very, very sorry for burning up your journal. I acted just like Machavillenia!" "I've been treated to at least a dozen pickled limes at school and I simply must "recerpate" or I'll be thought mean." "Today, I shall be Queen of the Limes. What a grand entrance I shall make!"
"Amy came to school today carrying a big paper bag. And when she put her nose down, we just knew they had to be limes." "And what do you think Amy said to her? 'You needn't be so polite all of a sudden because you won't be getting any.' Isn't that just withering?" "That was when Jenny Snow got her revenge. She just raised her hand and told Mr. Davis that Amy March had pickled limes in her desk which was against the law."
"Mr. Davis says that we girls infinitely try his patience and that only someone of his artistic temperament and fine sensibilities could keep our rebellion in order." "I thought Amy would despair and die right on the spot. I should never get over such an agonizing mortification." "Just think of it: twenty-three plump, juicy limes lying splattered and squashed on the street below. It was just too much for Emily Morley because she loves limes passionately. She just burst into tears."
"Oh, marmee, daddy will be so disappointed in me. I can never go back, never..." "What God has made most special about you does not need putting on display. It will be felt because it is hidden within your modesty. That is a woman's greatest charm."
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