"Ned Moffat, you're perfectly useless! You will behave yourself tonight and be charming to Meg? We want to make that Laurence boy jealous." "I think you'll find a very different Miss March. Sally and I spent all afternoon re-making her into quite the little beauty." "It's time for the grand entrance!"
"As Neddy says, you've burst upon us like Cinderella going to the ball." "I don't like fuss and feathers. I think they have spoiled you entirely. You're dressed like a doll!" "Mother says Mrs. M has made her Plans, and will play her cards well, even if Meg doesn't know she's the fly in the trap."
"You're not my Neddy, and I don't want any more champagne." "Don't tell them at home about tonight. I'd rather tell mother myself. I only wanted a little fun, but it wasn't fun at all." "Wanting to be admired is perfectly natural, as long as it doesn't lead you to do unmaidenly things."
"Poor girls don't stand any chance, Annie Moffat says, unless they are forward." "Poverty seldom daunts a sincere lover. Modesty and goodness will always hold him near." "And we can always be old maids!"
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