"If I had money to waste, I'd burn it up and have the fun of seeing it ablaze before I'd give one cent to those mission orphans." "Don't be cast down over what Eliza said. The world is getting better...it certainly is." "Oh dear, I don't like spelling!"
"I told him not to call me 'St. Clair' or I'd pound him. And he's done it." "Milty Boulter, take that frog and put it back in the woods." "I want to wear my Sunday dress every day and eat in the sitting room."
"Here's a good one, Lottie: If I got five toads and Milty kills three of them, how many I got left?" "We shouldn't kill toads because it would rain the next day." "I wish I could be good all the time without it being a whole lot of trouble."
"If you aren't married people call you an old maid, and if you are, your husband bosses you, so I'd like to be a widow, then there'd be no danger of either." "My sister, Constantine Cotton, says she wishes spinach wasn't so good for her." "I wish I could go on a honeymoon 'cause that's when my cousin Jack bought a brand new bicycle."
"I hope you have a mother again, too, Paul. A very wise man once said that Hope is the mother of all men, so we shall never stop hoping, shall we?"
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