"Too late to look like the serious schoolma'am now." "Gilbert, Paul Irving is a perfect darling. The world will hear of him some day. He gives me such purpose in teaching." "I've made up my mind to be a doctor. A fellow has to fight something all through life...I want to fight disease and pain and ignorance."
"I'd like to add some beauty to life. I'd love to make people have a pleasanter time because of me...to have some simple joy or happy thought that never would have existed if I hadn't been born." "You're one of those people who, after you pass through someone's life with a smile or a word thrown across it, the owner of that life sees it as a gleam of sunshine, hopeful and lovely." "Mary Keith's worse. If she dies, I don't know what is to become of those twins. She said their uncle can't take them til the spring."
"If Davy is full of mischief it's all the more reason why he should have good training, isn't it? It seems to me, Marilla, that it is our duty to take them." "I'm very happy to meet you, Dora dear." "That's Mr. Davy Keith...And I don't like to be kissed, even though you is pretty."
"You don't look like a lady who'd whip a little boy just 'cause he couldn't keep still." "Dora can sit still, but there ain't much fun in it I don't think. Here, Dora, let me liven you up a bit." "How can you be such a naughty boy and your poor mother just laid in her grave?"
"She was glad to die. She was awful tired of being sick. She said I was to be a good boy and be kind to Dora and stand up for her, and I'm going to." "Do you call pulling her hair being kind to her?"
"Well I ain't going to let anybody else pull it."
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