"Who is this man? Some trick of the Cardinals no doubt. I know how to deal with a spy." "Insolent Musketeer!" "No, no. He's not a Musketeer. He's the Duke of Buckingham."
"Prime Minister of England? The enemy of France! And disguised as a Musketeer makes him my enemy as well. En guard!" "I would bear all dangers, all suffering to see you." "Everything separates us, the depths of the sea, the enmity of kingdoms, the sanctity of vows. It is sacrilege to talk of love, milord."
"Upon what, then, must I live! Every time that I see you is a fresh diamond which I inclose in the casket of my heart." "You forget, I'm a queen. What folly to so well preserve my portrait in your heart." "I'd willingly destroy the lives of thousands for my happiness."
"You do not love me. Great love builds for peace, not war, milord." "Let these diamonds be my pledge for peace. Promise me that as long as they are in your possession, there shall be no war between my country and yours. Will you be true to my pledge of love?" "I stood before a queen. I kneel before a goddess."
"My life and honor are at your mercy, monsieur."
"No more worthy cause could I die for, my Queen."
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