"The plot thickens. Cardinal Richelieu, learning of the secret meeting between the Queen and Buckingham, and of the gift of the diamonds, persuades the King to hold a special birthday ball in the Queen's honor commanding that she wear the precious diamonds."
"The Cardinal knows all. Though I am innocent and have ever been faithful to my Lord, I am lost! My God! My God! Have pity on me." "Who can I trust? A letter, were it to fall into the Cardinal's hands, would bring about my destruction."
"Oh, madame, such a letter will never be taken from d'Artagnan before it reaches Milord Duke." "I am Kitty, monsieur, kitchen maid to the Queen. I have a letter from her Majesty." "The Queen can turn to no one but her true and devoted cavalier, d'Artagnan, for upon him depends her honor, and perhaps her life..."
"You must go to London and deliver the sealed letter to Milord, Duke of Buckingham, and return to Paris with the diamonds before the birthday ball." "I place full confidence in you, my brave d'Artagnan." "Courage, but above all, prudence. Your life does not belong to you but is devoted to the one cause of Her Majesty!"
"Be satisfied, my dear Constance! I shall return worthy of the Queen's gratitude and worthy of your love." "I must reveal the secret to Monsieur de Treville if I am to obtain a leave of absence." "Reveal the Queen's secret? Oh, no, monsieur. Oh, I have failed and the Queen shall be betrayed..."
"Take heart, little one. This letter is as sacred as my life. Parole d'honneur! by my word as a nobleman, her Majesty will not be compromised." "Oh, may God protect our Queen...and you, monsieur." "God will protect us all. And I shall return with the diamonds!"
"Never betray a secret given you in honorable faith, d'Artagnan, no not even to the worthiest of friends." "Be assured the Cardinal knows of your enterprise. You will be assassinated before you reach the gates of Paris. In order that one may arrive in London, four must set out." "We are sworn, once and forever as Musketeers, to fidelity against all proof. Be on your guard. If a woman should approach you by the name, Milady, beware. She is the most treacherous and evil of the Cardinal's spies."
"Fidelis and Fortis! I shall be faithful and strong in all things or I shall die in the performance of my duty."
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