"The defeat of the Cardinal's Guards made a great noise at court. The King, though proud of his Musketeers, did not wish to offend his Prime Minister, the Cardinal. But Louis the Thirteenth was not called Louis the Just for glorious memory alone."
"Well, monsieur, what must I believe? The Cardinal reports that your Musketeers were dueling and resisted arrest." "Imagine, sire, your most devoted Cavaliers gathered in the solitude of monastic gardens for the purposes, no doubt, of holy reflection, and suddenly, violently seized upon by six of his Eminence's guardsmen."
"And these brave men, one but a boy, with service to your Majesty in their hearts, gloriously routed them all." "Now these clothes befit a cadet musketeer." "Just think of it, Planchet. I have met the King of France and have a servant of my own. My good fortune has begun."
"Ah, that must be Constance, lady-in-waiting to her Majesty. The landlord told me he had a niece...and a very pretty one indeed." "I beg you to leave this place at once." "I see you're expecting someone."
"There's a man under the bed." "Whose under my bed?" Ah, mademoiselle, it is only my servant. Planchet, show your harmless face."
"You don't want me here but you don't want me to leave! I'm only sorry I'm not the fortunate man." "You presume too much, monsieur." "That looks like Aramis. Aramis! And he swore the life of a monk! This is a pretty mystery."
"I'll protect her honor whether she will it or not."
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